First week woes

I am not going to make it through the year, maybe not though the week.  This is the first week of the year and so far the Google Drive on my class laptop has died (folder is empty and it was not empty last week), some of the wireless APs in the elementary school do not want to work and I think I have narrowed it down to the quality of the switch they are attached to (???), the bells at the elementary school are ringing at random times even though the time is set correctly and the schedule seems to have downloaded correctly, and now something is doing a massive download on my network which is killing all the bandwidth.  Oh, I also am teaching one more class than usual, the school has expanded the day-care to a new site 10 blocks away that I am apparently supposed to tech and, worst of all, I have not had time to fill my beer growler in a week or so!  Woe is me!


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