Are you smarter than a sixth grader?

Tuesday in my middle school coding club I introduced the sixth graders to Lightbot.  Lightbot is a little online coding game.  It is a very simple game in concept.  Make the little robot move and jump and when it lands on a blue square turn a light on.  The coding language consists of little drag and drop icons, forward, right turn, left turn, jump, teleport and light on.  If you have too much spare time on your hands and love solving puzzles have at it.  Caution, it can be addicting.  I am happily going through the puzzles on the projector thinking the kids are working them along with me.  I ask one of the kids “Do you understand this one?”  He answers “I finished that one 10 minutes ago.  I am 3 ahead of that one.”  Everyone was ahead of me.  And I could not catch up.  Is there something wrong when a sixth grader can solve the puzzles several times faster than I can?

I went home and had a glass of wine.  Sixth graders cannot do that yet.


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