Daughter Graduates: Good and Bad

My daughter graduated from the University of Montana Saturday with a BA in Psychology.  Yesterday she was only five years old.  What happened?  She is not really sure where she is going from here but it really does not bother me.  She has a couple of retail jobs and wants to take some time to think.  She knows to go anywhere in psychology she has to get the doctorate.  She is looking at forensic psychology which means leaving Missoula.  Now that does bother me.  She was only five yesterday.


4 Responses to “Daughter Graduates: Good and Bad”

  1. Mike Zamansky (@zamansky) Says:

    How does that happen????

    My daughter too is graduating college this term but she’ll be moving home for the foreseeable future since she’s starting a job back in NYC in the fall and it just doesn’t make sense to throw away so much money on rent.

  2. Mike Zamansky (@zamansky) Says:

    And of course, congratulations!!!!!

  3. gasstationwithoutpumps Says:

    Congrats! My son will be graduating college next year, but he’s continuing on to an MS (in computer science), so we have 2 more years of college to pay for. After that, who knows? (He certainly doesn’t.)

  4. Alfred Thompson Says:

    It only gets worse. My son just turned 39. 39? Am I really old enough for a 39 year old elementary school principal for a son? BTW he was a psych major and started in education in special education.

    Congratulations to your daughter. And best wishes to her and you as she keeps doing that growing up thing.

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