Microsoft: A love/hate relationship

We are a Microsoft Windows 10 school.  We have a math lab of Macs because of the calculus software the teacher uses, and the elementary school has a scad of Chromebooks for the little kids, but we are primarily Windows 10.  This means I have developed a strong love/hate relationship with Windows.  Here is my latest hate.  We bought 30 Lenovo Windows 10 Pro laptops.  Nice little things perfect for the classroom.  We also bought 30 Lenovo Chromebooks for the little kids.  It takes me about 5 minutes to get a Chromebook from me to the teacher ready to use (not counting the time to carry it to the classroom).  Four and a half minutes to get it out of the box and thirty seconds to make sure it turns on.  The Windows 10 laptops are more like 30 minutes per device.  The problem is all the bloatware and crapware that Microsoft puts on their machines.  Here is an example.  The school owns Office 2016 so I want to install it on the laptops.  No big deal.  I am installing wanted software so I do not count this as wasted time.  The issue is that the Office 365 that is pre-installed will not delete completely.  The splash page wanting you to buy still pops up after the uninstall.  The solution?  Edit the registry in two places.  On 30 laptops.  OMG.  Then there is all the other “crap” I do not want on the laptop; games, Xbox, Minecraft and so on.  I tried building an image of a “clean” laptop but my free imaging software will not work on these.  Too much is locked down.

The kids are starting to use Google Docs more and more.  Other schools in Montana are starting to bail on Microsoft for pretty much the same reason, just a pain to setup and manage.  Chromebooks have large limitations, especially for programming, so they can never take over completely in a school but I am looking harder and harder at Chromebooks.


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