The Crazy Season is on us.

The crazy season is here, also known as the school year.  I have it pretty easy as far as classes go this year.  My usual senior Stats with 17 students, a Math II with 3 students, a CS class with 2 sophomores and a girl doing a computer animation independent study.  I had these CS kids last year so this is just a continuation.  This year all my classes are on my B day.  My A day is pure techie.  This early in the school year that techie day is busy from 8 to 3.  All sorts of weird issues come up early in the crazy season.  How does a Smartboard that worked fine at the end of last year, then took the summer off, decide it no longer wants to work along the edges?  All sorts of weird things go screwy during the summer when no one is in the building.  Ghosts, that is what it is.  They come in at night during summer.  I am going to get a priest in to fix the problem. It is a Catholic school.  I can do that.

I have the CS kids back in Unity.  I am having them build a simple game for Google Cardboard.  Cardboards fit my class budget.  My class budget is whatever I am willing to spend out of my own wallet.  I really cannot count these Unity classes as programming in the strict sense.  Yes, we do use C# but it is mostly following what a tutorial says to type.  We do spend a lot of time diagnosing what the C# code is all about but that is not the same as understanding the Unity/C# coding to build from scratch.  I consider this more of a research and troubleshooting class than anything else.  Tutorials always have issues so they have to figure out what is going wrong.  Following directions closely may sound like a trivial thing to learn but it is a skill the kids have to get, especially if they actually go into the CS/programming field.  Once we have the Google Cardboard VR working I want them to introduce a Bluetooth controller to the VR project.  Then last I have this Kinect.  What can we do with a Kinect and Unity and VR?  VR and a Kinect?  No idea.  That is why I think of this more as a research class.  I will get them next year with a traditional Python programming class.  I can offer dual-credit to Juniors and Seniors.

The sophomore girl doing the animation independent study wants to make a movie.  She came to me this summer with the idea and I told her if she wrote up a course plan I would take a look and see if it was something she could do.  What she brought me was something a professional skilled at writing course proposals might write.  It definitely looks practical and fascinating.  It helps that her IQ is a whole bunch higher than mine.  I will provide her resources, motivation and then just get out of the way.  I do not want to get run over too bad.  This girl was my tech aide last year.  She was the best aide I have ever had.  She could figure out a solution to almost any computer problem.

One of the great things about teaching at a small school is I can offer kids courses on the fly like that and have classes with only two kids.  The course on the fly thing only works with the right students.  The self-motivation factor has to be high.  For the animation class she is on her own, I am teaching the stats class at the same time and I also know zip about animation software.  It only works with the right student.

It should be a busy but fun year.  Good kids and although the tech work load has gone way up it is fun and interesting work.


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