Parent/Teacher night and I wander

It is parent/teacher night.  Things are slow.  I teach a total of 24 kids (19 seniors in Stats, 2 sophomores in programming and 3 in Alg II).  So far I have talked to 3 sets of parents.  Things are slow.  So what do I have to play with?  My room is full of computer stuff.  Well, I have a couple of micro:bits sitting to my left.  I have not really tinkered with them much and things are slow.  After a couple of hours of tinkering (and digging around the micro:bit website just to see what there is) I can now program the thing in micro:bit Blocks, JavaScript and Python.  Nothing fancy but I have a feeling fancy is not really the purpose of a micro:bit.  The middle school tech teacher is going to start the eighth grade on these next week.  Lights to blink, buttons to press and a simple block language.  I think they are going to have some fun and learn some programming on the way.  I have to buy some alligator clips tomorrow so I can hook up a speaker and make music.  These things also have radios so they can communicate with each other.  I had better save something for tomorrow.   I have to be here from 8:30 to 11:00.

Something else I learned tonight, there is an Arduino shield that will connect to Lego NXT motors and sensors.  The NXT brick is kind of boring in its plastic case.  The Arduino on the other hand is just out there naked.  Much more interesting.  That is all I need, more computer stuff in my room.


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