A little excitement can be bad.

Sunday a teacher emailed me that the internet was down in the school.  I wander down to see what happened.  I have two circuits going into the server room.  One circuit was dead which was the one the firewall, router and air conditioner were on.  I moved the minimum needed equipment to the second circuit to get things working until we could find out the problem with the dead circuit.  Our maintenance guy, Josh, started chasing the problem down Monday morning.  He turned off the breaker and started pulling the receptacle apart and got shocked.  He checks with his mutli-meter and no voltage.  He goes back to work on it.  He gets shocked again.  We call an electrician.  The electrician comes in today.  He climbs up the ladder to look above the drop ceiling.  Josh and I hear “Oh shit”.  That is a bad thing to hear from an electrician.  We have melted wires touching the conduit.  It seems we are lucky the place did not catch on fire.  The electrician is pulling new wires as I type.  School techie work is always so interesting.  Especially in a building built in 1922 and all the electrical is an add on.


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