Python and Pygame and PyCharm, oh my!

I am teaching Python again this year.  Nothing different there. What is different I have 3 of 9 Python students with previous Python experience.  I cannot do my usual course with them so I thought I would get clever and throw Pygame at them. Now I have tried Pygame previously with mixed results.  It is not Pygame that I had issues with, it is getting Pygame to work at all. Since I am not the sharpest pencil in the box I figured I would try it again.  Opps. Two installs went along with no issues. Now this is on student owned laptops, not identical school lap computers. The third laptop has issues. Pygame runs in the console so it should run in the editor right?  Nope. We use PyCharm as the editor. I used to use PyScripter but it was not being updated and would not work with newer versions of Python. Running Pygame was giving a very ambiguous error that Google was no help with.  I uninstall and reinstall everything. Versions are correct, Pygame is installed and working, Python is working, PyCharm is working but mixing the three is not working. Hmmmm. The only variable I have to work with now is the editor.  I try PyScripter. Everything works. What the heck? What is it about the different computers that is different? Beyond me. That student is going to use PyScripter.

Now I know I could use IDLE and maybe bypass all these editor issues but what fun would that be?  Maybe it is time to have less fun but the trouble is I like the autofill and formatting features the editors give me.  Spoiled.

It is fun things like this that makes even a simple programming class a royal pain.  Time lost by the student, time lost by me troubleshooting the issue, added gray hair wondering what the heck, and of course the humph factor.  (The humpf factor is me being stubborn and not letting the issue go. I what to know why it is doing weird stuff. More time lost.) Handling issues like this does make me laugh a bit.  I think of that poor business teacher that has been informed by the administration they are teaching Python. They are not given a second prep period. Their experience is nil. Their PD is nil.  Their free time after school has just gone to nil. Ouch.


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