Scratch: kids stuff only my @#$

I can program pretty well in Scratch.  Any high school programming teacher that has been teaching programming for a few years can program in Scratch.  Even if they have never seen Scratch before they can figure it out pretty quickly. This on the other hand is not programming in Scratch.  This is the result of a Scratch god. The author of this did not sit down in front of a keyboard and hammer it out.  This is the result of hours of planning and design. At least I hope it was the result of hours of planning because if they sat down and just hammered it out I am…, well, to tell the truth I would not know what I am.  Amazed, impressed, humbled, worshiping, something. Even with planning I am several of those and more. I do plan to look at the coding for this and get some ideas.


One Response to “Scratch: kids stuff only my @#$”

  1. Briana Morrison Says:

    Thanks for highlighting this – a great example to show the capabilities of what can be done…

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