No school today but lots to do.

No school today for Presidents Day and it is a whopping 16 degrees out.  Now what to do. I have the usual domestic tasks I should do, laundry, vacuum, shovel more snow, etc.  I also have school related tasks (sort of) I should do.

  1. Code up the assignments I gave my Java class last week.  The book I am using does have coding solutions but he uses a custom class built specifically for this textbooks for inputs.  I am not crazy about that so I have to code the assignments up using the Scanner class. I am also extremely rusty with Java so this is good practice.  It allows me to see what is going to be difficult for the kids and what gaps the textbook leaves.
  2. Work on transcribing some Unity videos.  This is very time consuming and is turning into more of a long term objective.  I pick at it a little at a time.
  3. Preview the next series of YouTube videos I want the kids to work through.  We have the VR up and working but all the VR videos focus on just that, getting it up and working.  I want the kids to actually build a game which requires merging Unity 5 game making (non-VR) videos with Unity 2018 VR videos.  Luckily I have a couple of students that are brighter than I am and can throw the integration project at them. They will get the process ironed out for me.
  4. Work on the Coding with Minecraft curriculum.  I contacted Microsoft about the initial errors I was seeing in their curriculum and they actually got back to me.  I am now talking to CS curriculum coordinator for Microsoft. Like an idiot I offered to help with a pilot study of the curriculum.  Now I have to find some 6-8 grade kids interested in Coding with Minecraft, learn Minecraft myself, edit the MS curriculum and get a club or class organized to use the curriculum.  This is all Alfred’s fault. If he had not made this post I would not have gotten interested in the possibilities the curriculum offers the middle school kids.  Bad, bad Alfred. Minecraft is not free but I have some grant money given to the school by a local tech business (Advanced Technology Group) that is only for programming education.  Score.
  5. Prep for my Stats class.  We are starting the most difficult, in my mind, chapter in the book, hypothesis testing.  Every year I look at this chapter and think on how I can make it make more sense. Still working on that.
  6. Edit a new Java book for an author of several of the texts I use for Unity.  Since I know Java so poorly this is more of a typo check and test run for the new book.  I went through chapter one last night. Some typos and one major coding error. He asked for a two week return on the errors.  I will get as far as I get.

I also have to take time away from the computer.  Too much and I start to lose focus and stop enjoying the work.  The eyes also start doing weird things.

I have to decide if I am going to run tonight.  I have a circuit training class from 5:30 to 6:30 tonight.  The fitness center has a nice indoor track so I do not have to freeze in order to run.  I have taken a couple of weeks off of the running due to shin splints so I need to test the running again.  I used to run mega miles with no shin splints but as I get older things are falling apart, especially if I push like I used to.  I do need to keep in shape through the winter so I can be stupid in the summer. I have a 25-mile mountain bike race in Butte scheduled and a week long mountain biking trip in Oregon.  I am the second oldest person signed up for the Butte race and I want to make sure the old guy (two years older) does not beat me. It is not the 25 miles that is bad, it is the altitude in Butte.  The race starts at 6300 feet and goes up from there. Missoula is at about 3500 feet and the difference in oxygen is significant. (I mountain biked in Park City Utah years ago. I thought I was getting the flu or something during the ride.  I got back to the bike shop I was parked at and was chatting with the shop owner. He said the shop was at 7000 feet and I had rode above 10,000 feet. Ugh.) I ride Butte regularly because the trails are so sweet but it is a major suck fest getting air.  I better run tonight.

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  1. gasstationwithoutpumps Says:

    You might want to check some of the links at

  2. alfredtwo Says:

    There is a reason I always get one of the “troublemaker” ribbons for conference badges. Actually, conferences seem to run out of them so I bought my own. Guess I really do deserve them.

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