“Guess what great idea we have come up with!”

Monday I am over at the elementary school checking their internet.  It seemed to be having a case of the slows so I was checking if the access points were acting up.  (They were, reboot and problem fixed. Everyone thinks I am a genius.) Anyway I stopped in to talk to the principal to let her know that another lab computer had gone to the big dead computer warehouse in the sky.  She says she is not to worried, next year there will be no computer lab. The lab will be on a cart with laptops and the teacher will be mobile. Surprise!

I would really be happy if these things were not a surprise.  There are only about twenty issues that need to addressed before this mobile lab thing becomes practical.  Foremost of which is where we are getting the money to buy 70 laptops? (Two floors, no elevator so need two mobile labs plus some spares.)  We are getting things sorted out one issue at a time and the powers do have hope of raising the money (private school, no tax funded education) for laptops, carts, extra access points, wireless printers and some yet to be determined things I have yet to think of.  (Surprise!) Luckily all I have to do is find vendors and bids for “stuff”. I can let someone else figure where the money is coming from.

Events like this keep me from getting bored with this job.


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