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A Character Flaw

April 15, 2021

Over the years I have noticed that I have certain character flaws.  Nothing disturbing but definitely flaws.  I have a tendency to volunteer for things I should not (US Marines).  I love participating in sports that involve speed and being naturally clumsy I therefore crash a lot.  I am also very stupid.  Here is the latest instance of stupid.  I have a very nice solid curriculum for my CS/programming courses.  Syllabi are pretty solid.  I am getting a good grasp of Unity game engine and can troubleshoot most of the errors students run in to.  My Unity courses run from basic 2D to VR.  Unity is a constant learning process so it keeps me busy.  I know enough Python to teach a pretty solid one semester course.  My Intro to Programming course is interesting and the kids enjoy it. So I am pretty comfortable with my curriculum and it is really full.  So for some odd reason I have to disturb this feeling of comfort.  In the beginning I wanted to make my own pixel characters for a 2D game so I thought why not recruit a couple of kids from the art class to learn with?  I have trouble drawing stick figures.  Both kids the art teacher gave me are good artists.  They run me over.  OK, if I just give them the hardware, some software, time and encouragement they should get something artsy out of the class time.  Casually the art teacher (who is not a graphic artist) mentioned she has an AP Art student doing graphic art for his AP portfolio.  So I now have two freshmen and a junior taking graphic art from me.  And I know zip about graphic art.  All I can do is feed them ideas and get out of the way.  And this is not the stupid part.  The stupid part is I am collaborating with the art teacher to get a graphic art thread/course built for next year’s curriculum.  (Did I mention I have trouble drawing stick figures?)  The art teacher and I look at each other and say this is a great idea.  Then we look at each other and say we are idiots.  But we are going to give it a whirl.  There are kids that are interested.  The field is very justifiable for a college prep high school course.  The market of graphic art and design is expanding.  Now if I only knew how to do graphic art.