What Has Covid Done to Teaching?

We had our usual Wednesday afternoon teachers meeting today.  We were discussing students that want to Zoom into classes without a viable excuse to be out of school.  (We are full time, 5 days a week, face-to-face school.)  They want to sleep in then Zoom into class.  This is an obvious no-go.  The discussion moved on to a student that will be in Las Vegas at a national tennis competition for a week.  How does her case fit into the new paradigm? She asked if she could Zoom into her classes while in Vegas.  (Yes, she is an exceptional student.)  But the case brought up the questions as to where we draw the line on Zooming into classes?  Covid issues only?  Kids with knee surgery and are not able to gimp around school yet?  When do we stop using/allowing Zoom?  Next year?  Never?  My comment was that the world of education has changed and will never be the same again.  The only reason a kid could not be attending class, Zoom or face-to-face, is sick to the point of not being operational or out of internet range.  No more snow days.  The technology is there and we have got it working.  The teachers are getting used to teaching hybrid classes.  It is not as easy as all face-to-face but we are reaching the point where it is not out of the range of possible.  Teachers are  realizing they can teach from their living room with a little preparation.  No more snow days for us either.  Bummer.

At the moment our school does not have a defined policy regarding Zooming into a class.  I doubt if many schools have figured out a policy or have looked down the road in regards to the future of Zoom and class participation.  When (if) Covid gets over do we go back to the old standard?  Do we rewrite the standard and accept the changes Covid has forced on us?  Do we have snow days?  (This is Montana, we have those fairly regularly.)

I think it is time for a policy meeting to make some decisions and write something for the future.  Zoom is here to stay.  How are we going to adjust to it?

One Response to “What Has Covid Done to Teaching?”

  1. gasstationwithoutpumps Says:

    Here in Santa Cruz, it was simpler—all classes are online (grade school, high school, college). That may change now that we are down below 4 cases/100,000/day. Some private schools have been allowed to have small pods of students and adults (12 people max per pod, I believe).

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