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Mac and Windows all in one

July 15, 2011

I started receiving the equipment I ordered using my grant money.  I ordered 5 iMacs for my advanced programming lab, which is in my already spacious office.  I cannot have more than 5 kids in my advanced classes.  At the moment this is not an issue.  Anyway I wanted the iMacs so the kids can have the “Mac experience”, be that good or bad.  Since there is not room in my office for both the PCs and the Macs I installed VMWare Fusion 3 on the Macs so I could install Windows XP as a virtual OS.  Oh boy, is that slick or what!  If the cost was not so far out of my normal price range I would have the whole school on this setup.  There is probably some glitch that is going to bite me later but for right now it is very cool.  Now I just have to spend some hours rebuilding the Windows side of the computer with all the software.